Mice problem



I’ve always hated mice since I was a kid, so have had a grim time recently when I I discovered that mice have been getting into my house, not sure how or why, but it may be because of builders who are working next door.
I first heard a great deal of clawing at the rear of the skirting boards and after that a week or so ago saw the first of them, it wasn’t a very pleasurable experience and must admit that it made me jump.


I hoped that my pet cat would most likely have got rid of them but he’s been hopeless, far too well fed I presume, so I’ve needed to find out the best way to exterminate the rodents on my own. I could hardly set any kind of poison down due to my pets, and so I have had to consider other measures.
First of all I attempted setting down a few of the usual type of mouse traps and baited all of them with dark chocolate which I’ve heard they take an interest in. Yet there was no success whatsoever with this particular technique the mice were either well nourished enough already or too shrewd to succumb to the temptation.
Subsequently I attempted placing down gluey strips which are created to trap a mouse, or rat, the moment they meander on them. And I did quickly manage to catch one. Unfortunately though, the mouse was still very much alive and it was not pleasant to see it straining to get away from the trap when I came downstairs the following morning. And due to the fact that there was no way to get it out of the sticky strips, it had to be destroyed and I needed to be the one to undertake this task. Not the most pleasurable duty I had to do recently and not a job I intend to do in the near future.


I decided that there needed to be a better way to get shot of the rodents, therefore I carried out a lot of research on the internet, and though it’s geared up in the direction of pest control in London I came upon a site where found out all about electronic devices to kill rodents. The site was very useful for other pest control recommendations as well.
The electronic mouse traps are a tunnel made of plastic, which you place food into. The second the rodent gets to a certain area inside the shaft an electrical current is set off which gives the mouse an electric shock and exterminates it instantly.

I put the electronic gadget outside a few days ago and satisfied to report that I have captured five mice in it already. The part I like best is that there just isn’t any grim mess to clean up which you get right after using some of the rodent snares, and you don’t need to eliminate the rodent as you do with the sticky strips. I merely put the dead rodent into a sealed paper bag and threw it out. It was also a lot more humane method of killing the rodent because it has zero concept of what is taking place.
The only disadvantage with the product was that it was priced a lot higher than the ordinary traps or strips, but for me it was worth it. And all’s gone very quiet in the walls now so hopefully I’ve got rid of the rodents, for now anyway.

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