Jobs working with pets


People love their pets and spend a huge amount of money on them. This is good news for people who’d like to start a business that involves selling pet-related services or goods.

Here are the main types of pet services that are in demand today

Dog walking/Pet sitting

Dog training

Pet grooming

Pet-food sales

Upscale pet products

The good news is that all of these can be started at home with a fairly small investment and with no help, just being run by the owner. And two of them can be done as just internet businesses.

Pet Sitting

For people who love pets this is a great job. You look after people’s pets while they are away – either on holiday or trips away, or just for a day.

You’ll look after the pets, play with them, brush them and feed them.

You might also do other jobs for the owners such as watering plants or bringing in mail etc

Dog Walking

This is a booming business and involves taking dogs out for their daily walk, either on their own or in groups.  It is estimated that about 5% of people use either a pet sitter or a dog walker, which adds up to a lot of walks and a lot of work.

You might also offer extra services such as playing with the pets and feeding them and doing jobs in the persons house if they are away.

Dog Training

Dog training requires both great dogs skills and great people skills. This is because you are not only just training the dogs you are training their owners as well. So you have to be very patient and talk to them nicely.

Pet grooming

Pet groomers help pets to both look and feel better. Qualities needed are a love of animals and the strength to be able to lift them. It’s also important to have good people skills to deal with owners. Demand has been continually rising for pet groomers and is expected to continue to do so.

Pet Food/Treats

You could either open an actual or a virtual (online) pet store. Owners want the best for their animals and are often prepared to spend to get this. But there is also a lot of competition so if you want to do it online you will need to find a niche to specialize in. you might not even need to keep anything in stock because you can arrange to drop-ship the goods – get it sent directly by the manufacturer

If you decide to open a bricks and mortar store you will have much higher costs, and the key thing will be to find a good location for the shop and to get the right mix of products for it. Great staff will also be important.

Upscale Pet Products

Luxury pet products are now a big market. There is a huge amount of products for doting owners to spend their money on. You could either sell products online or via pet stores. Or open your own store.


If you have specialist art or photography skills, you could set up as a pet artist or photographer.

A pet artist will draw pictures of pets, either their own or general animals and then sell them online or to a gallery.

A photographer is more likely to be employed to take pictures of someone’s animals either in a studio or in real life.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is big business these days and there are plenty of companies offering jobs in it. Some specialize in offering particularly types of insurance, such as horse insurance for instance. You can make a good wage but you’ll be unlikely to be directly working with pets that much.


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